• Real talk …

    Real talk … You can only take your next breath if you let out the previous one. • A couple of us from Ordinary Heroes have just wrapped up an incredibly inspiring weekend at #gatheringtwenty18 . It was so refreshing having people invest in us and our vision as well as the opportunity to share …

  • Love Your Neighbour!

    Tell us about that time you did or said something small but kind for someone else. What happened as a result? It’s the ordinary things that are heroic to others! #ordinaryheroes #inspiringsimpleactsthatcreateworldchange #amillionsimpleacts [shareonedrive dir=”013BJPDMCL73H3OURW3RFIFUR6ZA3CP3XX” viewrole=”all” downloadrole=”all” mode=”gallery” targetheight=”400″]

  • We support aussie farmers!

    We support aussie farmers! Shout out to our good mates Kalfresh Vegetables. Have you seen these carrot snack packs in the fresh produce aisles? We love them! Kalfresh are big on reducing food wastage. They use their wonky, unwanted carrots and turn them into delicious snack packs. SO good! #ordinaryheroes #inspiringsimpleactsthatcreateworldchange #kalfreshvegetables [shareonedrive dir=”013BJPDMGLVLEPDY7RF5FIHAFXUQWHVK34″ viewrole=”all” …

  • Ordinary Heroes at The Justice Conference Australia

    We are really excited to be at this year’s Justice Conference! It kicks off in Melbourne this Friday. Come along with us, be encouraged and inspired to dream and consider ‘all things new’. It’s coming up on the: 27-28 October in Melbourne, Australia. To buy tickets, visit: http://www.thejusticeconference.com.au/register We hope to see you there! #allthingsnew …

  • Meet some of our students

    Meet some of the 900 students who are receiving an education in our 30 village primary schools in Bangladesh in 2018. [shareonedrive dir=”013BJPDMEZCPIVR6R6TFHZHHZQZA7N24QH” viewrole=”all” downloadrole=”all” mode=”gallery” targetheight=”400″]

  • Business For Transformation

    Just a few of the few hundred businesses around the world that have benefited from Business For Transformation’s business training model. The benefit to these businesses creates a ripple effect to their communities as the social and economic well-being sky-rockets! [shareonedrive dir=”013BJPDMDO4ZMGEDBUTFCLJM24XVOZ5EPY” viewrole=”all” downloadrole=”all” mode=”gallery” targetheight=”400″]

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