Who We Are

At Ordinary Heroes™ we commit to inspire and provide opportunities – really simple ones – to help everyone become a hero.

We believe that together we are powerful. Our lives and actions impact each other. We have a shared humanity and are interconnected. It’s not ok that lifestyle choices we all make feed injustice, poverty and oppression.

We believe that opportunity demands responsibility and action. Whoever we are, we can use our voices, our time, and our energy to make real and lasting change.

We want to act now. We don’t want to wait for governments, businesses or philanthropists. We want to encourage anybody and everybody to help make the ordinary, extraordinary.

Join the movement, and help us empower, educate, and change lives.

Our Story

Our story is messy and has been forming since 2003. Throughout our journey we have discovered that we are just a bunch of ordinary people wanting others to join us as we inspire simple acts that create world change.

We value life, seeking to instil worth and empowerment into each person. Integrity is key, warranting that our words and actions align. Accountability, ensuring that we are committed to doing all with honesty and transparency. We believe respect is a solid common ground to build partnerships and relationships on. Participation is valued, we are all about creating opportunities for everyone to be an Ordinary Hero!

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